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    Gold Jewelry payout = 85% of current gold spot prices- When you call if possible we will give you a quote write over the phone @ 775-996-1895. Things you will need to know about the piece if you wish to get an offer on over the phone are as follows. If it's gold jewelry you will need to know what karat it is example: 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, .417, .585, .750, .916, .999  ext... as this will allow us to give you a gram price for your item.  If you know what the karat and gram weight is we can give you an exact price what we would pay for it based on current fair market prices. On all gold jewelry no matter the condition we pay a more than fair rate of 85% of the live spot market price. If we think your piece would be good for resale we will offer even more. If you have more than 10 net ounces of pure gold we pay 90% of the current spot price.

    Diamonds - We buy all types shapes and sizes of diamonds but need to see them to give you a price as with diamonds there are different prices based on Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight.

    Gold dust, Placer and specimen gold=85%-120%+.
The size rarety and variety of your raw gold will determine the price. Prices start at 85% of the contained gold and up.

    Platinum jewelry payout = 75-80% of current spot platinum prices- This includes platinum, rings, chains, earrings and bracelets. Markings that indicate platinum are- plat, plat 850, plat 900, plat 950, plat 1000.

    Silver flatware and hollowware=75% of current silver spot prices- This includes silverware, candlestick holders, silver tea sets, salt and pepper shakers, silver platers and ext. Markings that indicate silver are, .925, .900, .835, .800. and Sterling.  If you have 500 or more net oz of silver your rate will be 80% of current spot silver price.

    Silver Jewelry payout with junk stones not including very large stones =70% of current spot silver prices- This includes sterling silver rings, chains, bracelets, earrings, belt buckles, and so on. If you have more than 500 net oz your rate will be 75% of current spot silver price.

Gold bullion prices- Based on fresh and undamaged condition.

American 1 oz gold eagles- We buy for spot price and sell for spot + $65.00

African 1 oz Krugerrands- We buy for Spot - $25.00 we sell for spot + $50.00

Canadian 1oz Maple .9999- We Buy for -$30.00 we sell for  spot + $45.00

1 oz .999 or better- we buy for spot -20.00 and sell for spot + $40.00

    Silver bullion prices- Based on fresh and undamaged condition.

American 1oz silver eagles- We buy for spot price and sell for spot price +$2.50

1oz silver rounds and bars .999 or better- We buy for spot -.50 and sell for spot +$1.50

.999 silver melt we buy for 85-90%

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