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Gary Taylor-

     Best in the city! Fantastic experiance. Will definatly do business here again!

     Thank you for everything. I was very impressed with the offer I received compared to other places I went. My late husband owned a small jewelry store so I knew the ins and outs of the business and I can say this place is more than fair. I would recommend you go see this establishment if your looking to sell.

     I was glad to find this place. I needed money to cover my rent and this was the only place that offered me enough to get by! I thought I might have to try to get a payday loan but i didnt have to. Thanks for everything!

I am very happy to say the least. When silver tanked a few weeks ago no one would do business with me unless they could buy my silver from me for an insulting price. If it wasn't for the man at this place I would have lost alot of money the next two days that followed. He has earned a long time customer.


GO SEE JAKE AT THE RENO GOLD EXCHANGE!I met this guy and boy am I glad I did he gave me almost double what at had been offered by 2 other places. Im a picker so I want as much as I can get so I can reinvest in other things. Do yourself a favor and go see this guy!

Best in history !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will deal with these guys again and I would recomend these guys.


     You treated my mother right. Took my mother around to sell some of her old jewelry. Did a little shopping around and ended up selling to them. My mother was happy and so was I . Keep up the good work. The only thing I would recomend is if you go there remember they are on the 8th floor, we got a little confused when we got there but luckily the security guard down stairs helped us out.

     Professionalism with a smile! I have been going to see these guys for a while now they are always courteous and smiling. They have always treated me very fair with their pay outs. They told me that they do a lot of their business by word of mouth so it makes me happy to be able to help them out by spreading the word. I can not say enough great things about them.


     WOW this place is great A+++ I usually don't write reviews. But this place definately deserves the credit. I got paid almost 3 times what I got offered at the pawn shop. Not only did the other place I went to offer me a low low price, they were very rude as well. At the reno gold exchange they were down to earth and I not only got paid well... I was entered into a drawing to win a big screen tv too. They made a long time customer and a friend. A+++


     My search is over. So I had been leary of places that buy gold because of what I saw on the news about those cash for gold scams. I did my home work and started shopping around town at various places that buy gold to see who would give me the best deal. I was almost ready to just keep my old jewelry until I stubbled upon the reno gold exchange. They were very honest and I got 140 dollars more than the highest offer from the other places I went to. I highly recomend this place, they are very nice and they even gave me a cup of starbucks coffee.


Gary Smith-

     Excellent all the way around. I will definatly do business here again. Hassle free. Cant be much better! Thanks!

A Google User-

     A Friend referred me to these guys these guys. And they were very helpful and informative. I had a coin collection that I inherited and knew nothing about the value. I brought the coins to them and they were patient with me and showed me the value of each coin in the price guide and how much they were paying me for them. These guys were helpful and honest.

A Google User-

I can't say enough about the owner and the way he does business except that he is a man of honesty and integrity. My husband and I were more than impressed by his knowledge of jewelry, coins, gems, name it...we were even more satisfied that we got a great deal. This establishment is HIGHLY recommended and we hope to do more business with him in the future!

A Google User-

    Great to deal with! Honest and by far the best return! Highly recommended!

A Google User-

    He gave me another 10% then I was offered just weeks before!


    He payed me 85% on my scrap gold. It was so nice to be in a comfortable setting where the first offer is the only offer unlike the dive pawn shop i went to before who changed their bid as I was walking away with my 22kt chain. It was a difference of 500$


    I went shopping around to sell some old jewelery that my wife doesn't have any use for anymore. I was tempted to sell when I found out from the first place how much it was worth but in all my experience I knew I better shop around a little bit first. I was blown away when the gentleman at the reno gold exchange offered me almost 300 dollars more and now days every bit counts. I recomend to all the folks out there to visit this place.

A Yahoo! Local user-

 I shopped around and got paid more than I thought I could get get. I will do business with them again ;)
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